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History and tradition

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The historical beginning of Kutjevo d.d., is closely related to the development of its main activity - viticulture. Over time, numerous changes have taken place regarding the ownership of agricultural holdings, vineyards and basements in the Požega valley, such as feudal churches and state or noblemanships, then civil-capitalist holdings, and after the II. the World War, the integration of several small economies, agricultural cooperatives, smaller agricultural holdings, and some of the processing-food facilities from the Pozesko-slavonsko area form PPK Kutjevo.
The company becomes the bearer of the Pozega region. The activities he dealt with included activities related to agricultural production from raw materials to final products.
In 2003, the company was privatized and the majority of shares purchased by Bozjakovina d.d. owner of an international entrepreneur Mr. Enver Moralić.
Today, production is organized in three sectors: Vineyard production within which is: BU Vinogradarstvo i vinarstvo.
Plant production within which is: BU Ratarstvo, BU Sjemenarstvo, BU Kooperacija and BU Pozezanka (Plant Silo).
The livestock production within which is located: BU Stocarstvo

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