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Friday, 13 April 2018 09:17

BU Sjemenarstvo

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Bussines unit Sjemenarstvo Kutjevo is engaged in the production, processing and sale of seed and mercantile goods:

  • pungent grains
  • winter cereals
  • fodder crops
  • oil plant
  • vegetable crops
  • 1953 start of seed production in Kutjevo.
  • 1963 The construction of its seed processing plant, the beginning of cooperation with established seed companies from Western Europe and the beginning of the production of sugar beet seeds on their own surfaces.
  • 1976 a seed hybrid hybrid seed program was introduced.
  • 1980 saw the introduction of a seed program for other crops (barley, oats, sheep, rape, etc.).
  • 1986 technical and technological modernization of seeds processing plant.
  • 1990 introduced into the sorting list of hybrid maize hybrid from FAO Group 300, 400, 500 and 600, as well as other cultivars.
  • 2000 introducing new technology for processing, treating and packing seeds of all crops for export to the European market as well as for the market of the Republic of Croatia.

Throughout the time, Sjemenarstvo Kutjevo has maintained very good cooperation with domestic institutes and all major seed companies from Europe and the world we produce seed of the highest quality cultivars and hybrids of the crops. Today, Sjemenarstvo Kutjevo is the leading seminary house in the Republic of Croatia, which is visible from the production of a wide spectrum of seeds of vegetable and vegetable crops.

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