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Monday, 27 August 2018 13:40

Grape harvest started in Kutjevo d.d. vineyards

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This year's grape harvest in general began earlier, and so is on planted surfaces of Kutjevo d.d. Wine cellars are prepared and oenologists are eagerly awaiting grapes which, despite very demanding year, is by quality standards very good. Such grapes from beautiful vines guarantee that they will be able to produce the finest droplet of wine that is more and more sought after on the markets of Croatia and other countries.
These days has begun harvest of early varieties. In vineyards above Hrnjevac along technologists and agronomists, we also catch wine pickers that doesn't bother high temperatures even though the thermometer shows in some places even 34 °C.
- As you can see, we started with a Muscat Ottonel, and then with harvest of Pinot gris and Traminer. After harvest of these varieties next comes Zweigelt, Graševina, Cabernet sauvignon and Merlot - says Zdravko Raguž, technologist in Kutjevo d.d. winery.
Kutjevo d.d. has planted vineyards on 420 hectares. 360 hectares will be harvested, and this year's harvest will last between 30 and 35 days.
We were convinced in good quality of the grape by ourself. It is more than a good quality which is guarantor for production of a premium droplet of wine for which will be take care by well-known, proven and experienced oenologists.
- We took samples and analyzed them. According to the indicators and the parameters of quality, it can be said it is above expectations - Raguž added, continuing that quality of grapes at their subcontractors is very good also, which is controlled on a daily basis by agronomists and oenologists who ultimately make the decision when it is best to start with the harvest.
Kutjevo d.d. cooperates with subcontractors with slightly more than 320 hectares of vineyards.
Harvest of most commonly cultivated variety Graševina, which is also of high quality, is expected around the time of Feast of the Nativity of Mary, starting from those of better positions according to the already established parameters.
Cabernet sauvignon and Merlot are the last varieties to be harvested to finish the harvest on the vineyards of Kutjevo d.d.. After that, they start the most demanding jobs for oenologists and cellars, who will have to watch every change in barrels with a watchful eye.
Source: pozega.eu

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