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Tuesday, 20 February 2018 09:48

Kutjevo d.d. has presented premium Graševina 2017.

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Kutjevo d.d., the largest and most important wine producer in Croatia, has presented its new vintage of premium Graševina 2017.

Kutjevo Winery on Thursday, February 15, 2018, in Bornstein's wine exhibition, presented its new premium Graševina harvest 2017, and is among the first to put it on the market in late January.

Top quality Graševina is our most valued wine, and the new vintage is produced in an attractive and modern style with the aim of following world trends in wine making. It is characterized by a golden color of greenish, rich and varied fruity-herbal bouquet and extremely fresh aromas. This wine represents a stunning match for all the most important components of this unique variety. Graševina 2017 delivers a pleasantly warm rounded round resemblance to a recognizable refreshingly moderately gourmet retro flavor with well-preserved and incorporated acids.

Mr. Ivan Marinclin, the main oenologist of Kutjevo winery, spoke to the guests, saying: "Last year, in the vineyard sense, it was extremely difficult - the temperatures were falling in April, the summer was extremely hot and arid and only with timely vintage they could avoid bad effects for grapes, and eventually wine. In Kutjevo we are extremely pleased with last year's harvest. Top quality Graševina is of exceptional quality, and what I am looking forward to is the freshness and the accentuated aroma in it. This grapevine is produced from grapes from our best vineyards, Vetovo, Hrnjevac and Vinkomir, which guarantees the highest quality of raw materials for the production of this top quality wine. I believe that the premium Graševina in 2017 will shine on the market as well as many of the foremost ones who have been on the road to wine lovers across the region and beyond for decades. "

The presentation of our premium Graševina was held in the presence of numerous media representatives - journalists, bloggers and photographers who will faithfully follow us in future business successes.

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