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Tuesday, 28 August 2018 12:40

Kutjevo d.d. - Worker's sport games 2018.

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This year, organized by the Independent Trade Union of Food and Beverage Manufacturers and Kutjevo d.d. in Ovčare (Kutjevo municipality) were held 21st Worker's sport games. There were present numerous employees of Kutjevo d.d. and the affiliated companies (Božjakovina d.d. and Đakovačka vina d.d.), and as guests were workers and syndicate colleagues from Belje d.d.
Željko Jurić and Vinko Jušić, trade unionists, welcomed all the guests. The welcoming words were sent also by the Board member Kutjevo d.d. Josip Ređo and on behalf of owners Enver and Maxim Moralić.
"We have to create jobs, for our youth, we must create conditions for them, we must create the foundation for future generations to come," said Josip Ređo, Member of the Board Kutjevo d.d.
For all guests, traditional delicacies, especially the famous, roasted steer, which weight for almost 400 kilograms along with roast pork, Slavonian sausages, and plenty of drinks and beverages - top quality wines.
Worker's sport games, were consisted of tournaments in mini football, volleyball, bowling and belote for men, darts and belot for women. It was an opportunity to take photos with those young employees, up to age of 35, who are employed last year and a half, who guarantee the future of Kutjevo d.d. but also survival on their birth land from which they wont need to leave.
For the fun part of the games were responsible the young Tamburitza band De Gotho, led by Mihael Ribičić.
At the 21st Sports Games, the most successful by sports were:
a) Mini football
- The first place was won by the Đakovačka vina d.d.
- The second place was won by the Business unit Vinogradarstvo team
- Third place was won by the BU Stočarstvo team
b) Volleyball (mixed teams)
- The first place was won by the BU Ratarstvo, Ovčare plant
- The 2nd place was won by Organizational unit Uprava 2
- Third place was won by OU Uprava 1
c) Bowling (male)
- The first place was won by the Đakovačka vina d.d.
- The second place was won by the team BU Vinogradarstvo - Krivaj
- Third place was won by BU Požežanka
d) Bowling (Women)
- Without competition from the BU Vinogradarstvo - Vinkomir team
e) Darts (women)
- The first place was won by the BU Vinogradarstvo team
- The second place was won by the BU Koperacija team
- The third place was won by the Đakovačka vina d.d.
f) Belot (mixed pairs)
- The first place was won by D. Sračić and D. Čevapović (BU Ratarstvo, Ovčare)
- The second place was won by D. Rajf and F. Puljašić (BU Vinogradarstvo)
- Third and fourth place are divided by pairs M. Jurišić - J. Papratović and Z. Bešlić - G. Balas

On worker's sport games there were 378 employees of Kutjevo d.d., 17 employees of Božjakovina d.d., 50 workers of Đakovačka vina d.d., 28 pensioners of Kutjevo d.d., 7 employees of Belje d.d. (members of NSR PHP) and 7 trade union activists from other unions, friends of NSR PHP, which means that games were attended by 487 people.

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