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Rosé 0.187 L 2018

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Rosé 0.187 L 2018 Rosé 0.187 L 2018
  • Rosé is a wine of glistening and lively reddish colour, created by blending the varieties zweigeltrebe, cabernet sauvignon and syrah. It has a luxurious and rich body, and freshly harmonised aromas of delicate fruity flavours of raspberries and strawberries. Its taste features exceptional drinkability and mild acidity. It can be drink on its own or as an aperitif, but it goes well together with lighter dishes like pasta, risotto with shellfish, white fish, or salmon.
  • Rosé - vino blistave i živahne crvenkaste boje, nastao miješanjem sorti zweigeltrebe, cabernet sauvignon i syrah. Odlikuje se raskošnim i bogatijim tijelom, svježe usklađenim aromama nježne voćnosti maline i jagode. Okus krasi izuzetna pitkost i blage kiseline. Može se piti sam kao aperitiv, ali se jednako dobro sljubljuje s laganijim jelima poput tjestenine, rižota s plodovima mora, oborite ribe ili lososa.
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