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Terms and Conditions

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By using the site owned by the company you enter into legal contract with the company Kutjevo Inc., by which you have certain rights and obligations. By virtue of your access, use, search, review, or any similar act, you unambiguously confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these rights and that you will comply with the terms of this Agreement (hereinafter: the Agreement) and these Terms of Use (hereinafter "Terms"), as well as all legal norms and related legal and regulatory provisions resulting from this Agreement and these Terms, according to the applicable laws of the Republic of Croatia. If you disagree with any part of this site, or any provision of this Agreement and the Terms, please do not use the website www.kutjevo.com (hereinafter the website), and any other materials resulting from the use of the web pages (guides, analyzes, articles, texts, etc.). Kutjevo Inc. reserves the right to change the content of these Terms at any time and to terminate access to this Website without prior notice. On this website it is also important to pay attention to the notes related to ownership rights and copyrights regulated by the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (Narodne Novine 167/03 and 79/07).
All materials (texts, photos, drawings, images, video and audio materials), trademarks and logo types, and all other content on the web site are protected by copyright and related intellectual property rights under the Copyright and Related Rights Act (NN 167/03 and 79/07). All of these contents are for informational purposes only and their use covers only personal non-commercial purposes, unless otherwise stated. Users of this Web site are not allowed to reproduce, copy, distribute, translate, translate, publish or revise the contents of this site without the written permission of Kutjevo Inc.
Rights to Use Articles
Each article downloaded from the website (whether it is downloaded by leaving an e-mail address or by direct downloading or copying from a web site) is considered a protected copy of Kutjevo dd and is protected as such by the Copyright and Related Rights Act (Narodne Novine 167 / 03 and 79/07). The use and printing of this content is permitted only for the purpose of information and personal, non-commercial use. Users are not permitted to copy, modify, transmit, publish or revise content articles without the written permission of Kutjevo Inc. Users are not permitted to use any form of public use of copyright (the public use of the work is "any use of a publicly accessible piece of work or use in a space accessible to members of the public, as well as to allow members of the public access to the work of art at the time and place which they themselves choose (via the Internet) "- State Intellectual Property Office, www.dziv.hr). If you want to use guides and articles from the web site for purposes that are not covered by the Copyright and Related Rights Act, contact Kutjevo d.d. to e-mail kutjevo@kutjevo.com and explain in detail the need for this type of use.
User's data and their security
At certain points within the website and at a certain time, Kutjevo Inc. will collect personal user data. These data will be used to contact and register users, and for the statistical purposes of visits to a website. Kutjevo Inc. Guarantees that will not sell the data collected in this way.
Editing and deleting user's data and removing email addresses from mailing lists is possible by using links to remove / edit the data contained in the footeers of promotional e-mails of the company Kutjevo Inc. For information about their data, users can contact the official email address.
By sending, signing an agreement or direct contact, the user voluntarily make available their data and thereby allows the same used for the protection of personal interest in all the work that is contracted with Kutjevo Inc..
The collection and processing of personal data of the user includes the forwarding of the same to third parties and companies in the Republic of Croatia and abroad. Third parties are all natural persons and companies which are necessary for the realization of contracted projects.
Data storage is done for an indefinite period of time.
Also, Kutjevo Inc. reserves the right to publish company names as their references on www.kutjevo.com, unless otherwise expressly specified by the Cooperation Agreement.
On the www.kutjevo.com web site, the purpose of insights into the statistics of visits is to use Google Analytics, which provides access to resources from social networks, e-mails, ad platforms, web search engines and other online services and tools.
Website usage guarantee
Kutjevo Inc. does not warrant, expressly or impliedly, that the contents of the website and / or linked pages are complete or updated; that the website and / or related pages will always be available and available and that it will not contain errors, viruses, worms, and other computer programs that could cause harm to users, registered users, or third parties. Each user and registered user explicitly accepts the use of this website at their sole discretion. You, and not Kutjevo Inc., are accepting all possible costs related to the maintenance or repair of computer equipment. Any guarantee given on this site applies only to services provided by Kutjevo Inc.. Kutjevo Inc. and emphasizes that all materials and content on the website should be taken "as is", and the Kutjevo Inc. does not consider itself responsible for any possible consequences that may result from different interpretation of material and content on the website.

These terms apply from 14 March 2019.
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